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Client Questionnaire





2.  What is the best number to contact you?    

 office home email text cell phone*



3.  Phone number:     *


4.  Which services are you interested in? 

 basic do-it-yourself predesigns custom designs*



5.  What products are you interested in?   

 workbook pre-designs video downloads newsletter



6.  Are you interested in a free room makeover?    

 yes no



7.  Check all that apply:

8.  Virtual Room clean out    

 yes no




9.  New Design        

 yes no



10.  Feature my original and new designs on your Blog site and/or website?  Get 25% off your next order when you agree to feature your original photo(s) and 1st design on our website.. 

Download your coupon and upload it with your next order.









 1.  How did you hear about us?   

 internet friend postcard brochure event?  

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