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Why Do We Like a Room

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by Lenora Rainey, CEO and Managing Designer

Digital Innovative Design

August 10, 2014

Have you ever stopped to ponder, ” Why do I like this room?”. Well, I have. I realized that it boils down to a few simple reasons:

- We like the color palette

- We like the furnishings

- It reflects our values

- It brings a pleasant memory to mind

- It immediately relaxes or stimulates you

Lets look at each reason more closely:

The color palette.” Some colors just go together and some do not. On our website, we have sample designs that demonstrate the power of a color pallet in a space. We purposely left out the furniture so that you could easily see how the colors set the tone for the room and your mood when you enter the room. If you have NOT checked these out, please click here (color palettes) and view a few examples. Theoretically speaking, the color wheel can be used to find complimentary colors by using a few scientific rules. But, if you are like me. you choose your color pallet based on one or all of the reasons we stated earlier. Please let us know what you think.

The furnishings” We have tons of images of furnishings on our website and will continue to add more. What better way to make a room more interesting than to have that “one piece” that is the center of the room; the one that draws you in and peaks your interest. Or you select several accessories that support your accent color for the space. I have actually started designing a space only after I have found “the piece”; everything must work around it. I don’t know about you, but I could go to a different furniture store everyday. By the way, do you know the location of the furniture capital of the United States? No worries, I will provide the answer in a future blog post. I also plan to make a visit there this year to just stand among all those furnishings. Of course I’ll bring back pictures and post them on one of my blogs.

Our Values” What better way to show the world who we are than by defining our space to reflect our core values. When I meet people for the first time in their homes, offices or other location that is “their space”, I notice the vibe that I get especially if they happen to have taste (values) similar to mine. For example, I believe in the old adage “everything has a place”, so when I am in a space that is extremely neat and orderly, but yet inviting, I immediately feel relaxed. When I shop in a clothing or furniture store that is very neat and tastefully designed, I most likely will buy from that store because it reflects my values. I learned a long time ago, that I am a product of my environment; my creativity springs from an orderly space. When I work on my designs, I keep my work area neat at all times. Ok, there may be those rare occasions when I let everything go, but I know I have a high price to pay for that moment of weakness.

Our memories” Sometimes, you just enter a room and it reminds you of your childhood home, your favorite store if you are away from home, or perhaps a certain someone whose values are reflected in that space. I find myself entering stores and thinking “Oh, that piece would be perfect in a client’s room, friend or family member’s home”. Recreating a past experience is sometimes requested by a clients;. No problem, I just have the client paint the picture with key words and I match the room items to those key words.

Relaxation or stimulation” For some, this is the most important experience they must feel in order to bond with their new room. You’ll know when you have found it because you will feel so at home. You’ll hold out for as long as it takes. You’ll wonder how could you have ever lived anywhere else. In the case of “stimulation”, you’ll feel totally rejuvenated. What is it that you could not accomplish.

* * * * *

We are waiting to hear from all of you. Please let us know what you think.

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