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Why Use Digital Tools and Techniques for Your Next Room Makeover?

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There are several reasons to take advantage of the many tools and techniques that are available to create your unique room design. Some of the tools are free, some are web based only while others will require you to download software on your computer, tablet or cell phone. The apps will have the most limited functionality. For example, you may use an app to upload your room photo or digital furnishings to an actual service that will create a room design for you.

Downloadable software is great but may only work on 1 platform, for example the HGTV software, Instant room makeover is not available for the Mac. I did however, find the GIMP and GIMPShop software that combines the functionality of HGTV and Photoshop to create digital room designs using just a photo. The web based tools work just as well, and come in free or low cost versions. They generally focus on one or two of the techniques required to create a room makeover using a photo, such as removing the background from objects (FreebackgroundRemoval.com) and changing colors of objects (colorjive.com).

Using a photo to create your new room makeover can be challenging, but for the novice this may be the only alternative if you want to visualize your colors and furnishings in your actual room. Ideas on design websites are great for inspiration, but will not ensure you that you will like the ideas in your own room. Only a digital representation using a photo or sketching your room before you start, will help provide that certainty. Digital Innovative Design is committed to helping you see your furnishings and color in your home before you buy anything. Do it yourself with our help or have us create a custom design based on ready-to-buy designs, color palettes, our ideas or yours.

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