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Our Mission



 " ""We digitally create your room and exterior designs to save you time and money, and provide you with a clear vision of your new room or exterior virtual design."






Lenora Rainey

CEO and Managing Designer



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Find it, Design it, Buy it!

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Helping you create the room and exterior designs you visualize:

☑ See paint colors in your space before you pop open any paint cans.

☑ View new furniture arrangements and exteriors without lifting a finger or investing first with our unique virtual home staging and interior designs.

☑Conceptualize interior furnishings, windows, doors and lighting before you purchase anything.

☑ And the best part: you don’t have to clean up your space before you start.  We can create a visualization of your space as if it were empty.


Use our brand of virtual home staging to create your unique interior and exterior home designs when you need to sell or decorate your property.


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Attend an event to learn more about how you can use digital interior design and obtain valuable products (eWorkbook, video downloads, design software links( 1 free  digital/virtual room makeover or digital cleanout.

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To help us better serve you . . . 

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We digitally create your virtual room designs to save you time and money and provide you with a clear vision of your room and exterior designs.  Unlike a traditional design service, we only need a completed questionnaire and your room photos. We supply the computer software and the expertise or if you prefer, we can train you to do it yourself.  Watch the video then contact us to see how quickly you can see new paint colors, flooring, window treatments, doors, windows, lighting and furniture in your room before you make a purchase.  And the best part, "you don't have to clean up your space before you start".   Visit us at DigitalinnovativeDesign.com.

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